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A Library is a store house of knowledge and is the back-bone of an institution. Earlier, library resources, primarily consisting of books and manuscripts, were stored and preserved for posterity, while modern library is an information center that acquires, organizes, disseminates and provides information in various forms.
Deshratna Dr Rajendra Prasad Central Library of Nava Nalanda Mahavihara is a notable Indological Library of the region. The total strength of this Library is around 60,000 books including a number of Xylographic Tibetan manuscripts and also some rare Manuscriptsalong with gratis books. It is pertinent to note that the library has enriched its collection by getting the personal libraries of renowned Buddhist scholars like Dr. R.B. Mukherjee, Dr. Nalinkash Dutta, Dr. Nathmal Tatia, Prof. C.S. Upasak, Prof. Krishna arayan Prasad Magadh, Prof. Siyaram Tiwari, and Prof. D.K. Barua which is the special feature of NNM Library.
The library of late R. B. Mukherjee deserves special mention because it offered our Library a complete set of the Sacred Books of the East, valuable publications of the Pali Text Society, a rare collection of books on Indian Philosophy, a rich collection of Classical English literature including the Variorum edition of the complete works of William Shakespear, work of Goethe in German, an important French dictionary and collected works of French authors namely, Cornell and Racine.
Books comprising the Wheaton Loan Collection given by the U.S. Government were also an important donation, consisting of valuable dictionaries, encyclopedias, journals and other reference books, a good collection of books on modern thought, including books on psychology, metaphysics, ethics, logic, sociology and cultural anthropology.
Myanmar (Burma), Sri Lanka, Thailand and Kampuchia (Cambodia), Japan and South Kores donated complete sets of the Tipitaka published in their respective scripts, and other miscellaneous works to the Mahavihara. A complete set of the Chinese Buddhist Text were presented by the People’s Republic of China, a complete set of Kanjur and Tanjur donated by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. A complete set of the Tibetan Tripitaka (Peking edition) with its catalogue, Derge and Lhasa editions of Kanjur and Derge as well as S-Nar-thang editions of Tanjur are also invaluable treasures in the library of the Mahavihara. Keeping in mind the current trends in research, the Library of the Mahavihara subscribes to International research journals and periodicals related to Indology and Buddhist learning. The Mahavihara also houses a collection of rare manuscripts. The NNM Library is housed in a two – story building, known as the Library Building, onsisting of sixteen research cubicles with two large halls on either side. The library is under the process of being an ideal automated library.